An Elk Grove, California based Church, River Ridge is a non-denominational Christian Church centered around preaching and teaching the word of God in the Elk Grove, California community. Our church offers fellowship and classes for all ages and encourages our members to develop close relationships with God and one another. We believe that God cares about you and we want you to share his word.

We invite you to visit River Ridge and become more in-touch with God and your community. It doesn’t matter if you are new to Elk Grove or a long time resident, if you are looking to become closer to God and find fulfillment in your life, you are welcome here at River Ridge Neighborhood Church. We look forward to seeing you here soon and God Bless!


Current Sermon Series

19 – 2 Corinthians – The Great Deception
2 Corinthians – 19 – “The Great Deception” from the weekly Bible teaching ministry of […] The post 19 – 2 Corinthians – The Great Deception appeared first on Podcasts and Media Site for River Ridge Neighborhood Church » Podcast Feed.

Recent Blogs

Beyond Facebook – The "One Anothers" of the Church

Living in an Age of Faux Friendships William Deresiewicz examines the new forms of friendship that have emerged in the age of Facebook. While social media has allowed us the opportunity to be connected to everyone, it more often than not comes at the expense of deep, meaningful, shaping friendship. He wrote: [The] classical friendship, […]